Die Cut Products

U.S. Trim supplies automotive and industrial markets with die cut products. We die cut fiberboard, HDF (High-Density Fiberboard), MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), foam, plastics, non-woven carpet, PET, cloth, felt, vinyl, tape products and more. We also die cut products such as fiberboard, felt, and foam for BSR (Bug, Squeak, and Rattle) prevention.

Die cut parts are commonly used in automative applications for stiffeners, seat backs and components, die-cut-hdf-high-density-fiberboarddoor trim components, BSR, and heat shields. In addition, our die cut products are used as stiffeners in cut and sew operations. Many times, our products are structural in nature and are natural sound deadeners.

Die Cutting Process and Tooling

We operate belt-fed and flat-bed die cutting presses. These presses utilize flat steel rule die tooling to cut substrates making this type of product easily repeatable and consistent. Steel rule die tooling normally uses nested cavities to get the maximum yield in materials and number of parts per impression. This makes die cutting an attractive operation in terms of tooling cost and piece price.


Some of our die cutting processes utilize automated indexing to eliminate waste, and maintain a consistent space between impressions.
With steel rule die cutting we can cut custom shapes, holes in various sizes and shapes, and to accurate specifications.

What Sets Us Apart as Die-Cutting Specialists

Many times, we have custom hardened-steel punches machined for our own steel rule dies. Our Owner, and Kathy Goralski, our Quality Manager, both have metallurgy background including tool building and machining. It is common for them to design and develop our own custom punches for specialty clip holes and small intricate shapes.

We have pioneered material development for composites were load bearing and dimensional stability are critical. In addition, we posses technical ability in laminating techniques in post cutting and molding operations.

We also strongly believe in training and re-training to keep our people safe and protected. U.S. Trim, Inc. enjoys a great staff of dedicated employees with high productivity and low turnover.

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